Introducing Nicole By OPI

We’re super pleased this week to announce that Nicole by OPI has hit our shelves, at the bargain price of just £5.49 each with free UK delivery.

We have a huge selection of these gorgeous nail lacquers to choose from, including collections from Modern Family, Selena Gomez and more. Here are a few of our fave shades!

love songselena Introducing Nicole By OPI

Love Song

turquoisefamily Introducing Nicole By OPI

Poised in Turquoise

standbyfamily Introducing Nicole By OPI

Stand by your Manny

naturallyselena Introducing Nicole By OPI


You’re sure to find your next Summer shade in the Nicole range!

How To Do An On-Trend Faux Bob

Inspired by Cameron Diaz in “The Other Woman”

Hello Ladies!

Short, textured bobs stormed the catwalks for this S/S 2014 trends. With a little hair wizardry even long haired ladies can join in on this lived-in style bob without cutting any hair off! I was inspired by none other than Cameron Diaz who features in a new movie ‘The Other Woman’. Not only does Diaz sport an on-trend bob but in the movie her hair is loosely waved in a less polished manner. I’ve recreated Ms. Diaz’s waved bob on my long locks and in keeping with a fresh on-trend look for Spring.


Before How To Do An On Trend Faux Bob


After How To Do An On Trend Faux Bob

To start you will need:

  • Hair straightener/ curling tong
  • Heat protecting product
  • Clips
  • Duckbill clips (to set curls)
  • Pintail comb
  • Boar bristle brush (to smooth fuzzies)
  • Bobby pins
  • Hairspray to finish

Picture 120 How To Do An On Trend Faux Bob

Picture 29 How To Do An On Trend Faux Bob

Step 1

First we need to create the foundation of this hairstyle, which is to recreate Cameron Diaz’s tousled waves. To begin we’re going to make a slanted rectangle section on the top of our head, which will then be curled and set with duckbill clips. Draw a line with the “tail” end of your pintail comb, from one of your recession points in your hairline. The side will be determined by whichever side you wish to wear your parting, when finishing the bob hairstyle. Once you’ve picked a side, on that same side draw a line back from your recession point at a slight diagonal. Mirror this from your other recession point but don’t be as steep with your diagonal line. To complete your rectangle, square off your slanted lines, the finishing line of the rectangle should be across the top of your head (as pictured above).

Picture 39 How To Do An On Trend Faux Bob

Step 2

Divide with the “tail” of your comb horizontally about 2-2½ inches thick across your rectangular section, starting at the front of your hair. If you have a fringe like I do, it’s a good idea to take away the longer pieces of hair from your section, to make your curling process easier. Split your horizontal section into two and begin curling the hair away from your face.

I’m using a straightener to curl my hair but feel free to use a curling tong instead if you prefer. I won’t go into too much detail about how to curl your hair using a straightener because that’s a whole other tutorial in itself. Basically, insert your hair into your straighteners as normal and then turn the straightener 180 degrees and continue pulling your hair through to the ends. When your straightener comes to the ends and releases the hair, as if by magic your hair is curly!

Picture 49 How To Do An On Trend Faux Bob

When you’ve curled a section of hair, roll your section forward around two fingers and secure it with a duckbill clip.

The reasoning for curling the hair back but rolling and securing it forward is because Diaz’s curls are curling away from her face but styled heavily forward.

Once you’ve curled both subsections, it’s a good idea to unclip your first section and marry the hair together, so that you don’t get any weird division where we don’t want it. I used two clips, one at each end to secure the roll.

Repeat this curling and setting process, for the remainder of the rectangular section.

Picture 59 How To Do An On Trend Faux Bob

Picture 69 How To Do An On Trend Faux Bob

Step 3

Create a semi-circle section behind the rectangle section, by using your thumbs to divide your hair, drawing from the sides of the rectangle back below the crown of your head. Curl and set the hair in the same fashion, only this time roll and set the hair going back, away from the face.

Picture 78 How To Do An On Trend Faux Bob

Step 4

Once you’ve finished setting your top section, curl the rest of your hair. Work in horizontal sections, again about 2-2½ inches thick. Divide your horizontal sections into sub-sections and curl. Depending on how thick your hair is will determine how small your sections need to be, we’re aiming for a medium sized curl result. It isn’t necessary to set these curls, so you can just leave them to cool naturally.

Picture 88 How To Do An On Trend Faux Bob

Step 5

By the time you finish curling the rest of your hair, your top section will have cooled and so it’s time to remove the clips and unravel the rolls. Unleash the curls and give the root area a soft ruffle to break up the previous sectioning.

Picture 98 How To Do An On Trend Faux Bob

Step 6

As glamorous looking as this is, it’s not our goal hairstyle. So section off your hair from the mid-point of your ears and clip away the top part of your hair. Section using your thumbs again to separate the hair, as this is less disruptive to the curl and our sectioning needn’t be absolutely perfect. Draw your thumbs from the mid-point of your ears back to create a horizontal division.

Picture 108 How To Do An On Trend Faux Bob

Picture 1110 How To Do An On Trend Faux Bob

If your hair is thicker than mine you might want to divide this first bottom section into two for this. Gather the section of hair at the back of your head and loop it around two fingers, close to your root. Aim for the ends of the hair to finish, at the length you want your bob to be. Slide your fingers out of the roll and secure this puff in place with bobby pins. It’s a good idea to slide a bobby pin over the roll to squash it flat to your head.

Picture 125 How To Do An On Trend Faux Bob

Step 7

Using your thumbs as your sectioning tool again, take your next horizontal section in line with the top of your ears. Split this into two sections or three sub-sections, depending on how thick your hair is. Repeat the same rolling and pinning into place technique, but this time make sure the ends of the hair finish slightly higher, above the first section to create a layered effect to your bob.

Take your third section, a couple of inches above your ears and split this into three and repeat the process.

Picture 134 How To Do An On Trend Faux Bob

Step 8

Moving on to the sides of the hair, take a section on one side, roughly about the rounding point of your head. Section with your fingers (or thumb) horizontally at this rounding part of your head and then create a roll with the hair, like you did with the back and bobby pin the puff in place.

Make sure you squash the roll and secure a bobby pin over it to conceal the puff, otherwise your style will be lumpy and you’ll probably be able to see the pinned rolls. Mirror this on the other side of your hair.

Picture 144 How To Do An On Trend Faux Bob

Picture 154 How To Do An On Trend Faux Bob

Step 9

Now that we’ve finished pinning the underneath of our hair to bob length. Make a diagonal, side parting on a side of your choice. Working parallel to your parting, backcomb in horizontal sections, on each side of the parting. Continue your backcombing, until you reach the pinned roll on each side.

Backcomb the top and crown of your hair, again working in horizontal sections, across the head to create a bit of height to your hairstyle.

Picture 164 How To Do An On Trend Faux Bob

Smooth over the surface of your hair with a boar bristle brush, to conceal your backcombing and pinned rolls.

Picture 173 How To Do An On Trend Faux Bob

Step 10

Curling our hair to start with and then rolling and pinning the underneath of our hair, as well as backcombing, has reduced the length of the hair considerably. However, the top layers of hair are still much too long and need to be shortened to bob length to complete the style.

If your hair is layered like mine, use this to your advantage with this look and shake out your shorter layers, as they’re already at a perfect bob length and needn’t be cropped.

Picture 183 How To Do An On Trend Faux Bob

Picture 192 How To Do An On Trend Faux Bob

With the remaining longer pieces of hair, work in small sections and twist your hair. Then pinch a few strands of hair at the end of your twist and pull the rest of your hair up, towards your head. Draw the hair up to your desired bob length and you’ll notice that this technique also enhances the curl in the hair. To secure this, take the few long strands and loop them around one of your hidden rolls at the back of your head and pin it in place.

Repeat this twisting technique for the remaining longer lengths of hair.

Picture 20 How To Do An On Trend Faux Bob

Step 11

If you have a few stragglers that are slightly too long, perfect the length by simply finger teasing the hair upwards.

Finish the hairstyle with a mist of hairspray.

Picture 211 How To Do An On Trend Faux Bob

Picture 221 How To Do An On Trend Faux Bob

Picture 231 How To Do An On Trend Faux Bob

End Result

There you have it Ladies, your bob is complete. No visit to the hairdressers necessary! You’ve radically taken your hair from long to short and to top it off you’re bang on trend! Now if only I could do a tutorial to mimic Cameron Diaz’s body!

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