Halloween Make-Up Pop Art Tutorial

Whenever I think of Halloween make-up I automatically imagine the obvious – Zombie, Witch, Vampire etc… Although these staples are super effective and definitely do the trick, I fancied giving something different a go.

I decided to give pop art make up a try, a brave decision considering I am no make-up artist, but a look which I thought would be really different – especially for a Halloween night out or party.

picture 1 Halloween Make Up Pop Art Tutorial

And this is my result – far from perfect but not too shabby for a first attempt.

For this look it is so important to use a good black eyeliner. I used the W7 Liquid Eyeliner and it worked really well and comes off nicely when you need to repair a mistake.

Step 1: Start off by using foundation and powder to give your Halloween look a smooth base.

Step 2: With liquid eyeliner fill in your eyebrows to make them thick and strong. Try and make the line as smooth as possible so as to keep the cartoon-ish effect.

Step 3: Draw smooth black lines with eyeliner down the bridge of your nose, hollow of your cheeks and on the edge of your forehead and jaw line – basically everywhere in which you would usually contour. Also draw a line in the hollow of your chin.

pop art outline Halloween Make Up Pop Art Tutorial


Step 4: Grab a bold eyeshadow – it can be whatever colour but needs to be bold and a block colour. I used the colour Top Hat from W7’s In The Night Palette – a super pretty purple with a hint of glitter. Pop this all over the lid and into the crease and underneath the brow bone. Then line your eyes with your trusty liquid eyeliner to create a winged line – then outline the eye shadow to join the eyeliner up. Line your bottom lashes with your liquid eyeliner and draw on some exaggerated bottom lashes – you could also use eyelash extensions for this. Line your waterline with white eyeliner to make your eyes look bigger and brighter. Line your lips with the black eyeliner, creating a thicker line on your bottom lip.

pop art eyes 1 Halloween Make Up Pop Art Tutorial

Step 5: Add false eyelashes to your eyelashes – the bigger the better! UBU Secret Agents False Eyelashes were perfect for this look and were super easy to apply. Whilst these are drying fill your lips in with a red lipstick- Laval Flame Lipstick worked best for me-leaving a small rectangle on side. Fill in the rectangle with a white eyeliner.

pop art lips 1 Halloween Make Up Pop Art Tutorial

Step 6: Add your dots! This can be a lengthy process but does really add to that pop art effect. If you feel that red looks a bit diseased then try a light pink or white paint instead. Also I did my dots quite big but I think the smaller and more regimented you can get them the more effective the look becomes!

picutre 2 Halloween Make Up Pop Art Tutorial

And voila… you get your finished Pop Art look. If you want go full on then grab some yellow hairspray and spray it onto your hair. Then with your well used liquid eyeliner run some lines through the hair. This look is even more effective in person and is very different from the usual Halloween looks you will see!




W7 Cosmetics

Here at Xtras we see W7 as a saviour of make-up – fab quality, purse friendly and pretty packaging, so as you can imagine, when they bring out new lines we get very excited!

One of our favourite new lines has to be the In The Night Eye Colour pallet – a combination of 12 highly pigmented smokey shades perfect for those who love a sultry eye look! Along with the In The Buff and In The Nude, these eye shadow pallets are proving to be a huge hit and at only £5.99 we can surely see why.

in the night W7 Cosmetics

W7 have also brought out a range of gift sets called The Trilogy which give you a mascara, a nail polish and a full colour lipstick. With 4 different colour themes these sets would make fab gifts to all those make up lovers out there and at only £6.99 you could even buy an extra one for yourself!

The trilogy W7 Cosmetics

One other product that we simply have to rave about is the Porefection Pore Minimising Cream. The oil free formula evens out the skin and the Vitamin E gives you a healthy boost and helps to minimise those pesky pores. You can either use on its own or as a primer before applying your make-up to give you a smooth base to work with. At £4.49 W7’s Porefection Cream is an absolute must in your skincare routine!

 porefection W7 Cosmetics

Have a nosey at our full range of W7 stock here and let us know your favourite products.

Autumn/Winter Lip Colour

Autumn/Winter 2014 is fast approaching which means those thick jumpers and coats once again make an appearance in our wardrobes whilst our summer staples are shunned until next year.

Along with the change in our fashion comes a distinct change in our makeup habits – swapping lighter BB creams for our matt foundations & putting away our bright glosses in favour of dark autumnal colours – which gives us a fab opportunity to experiment with some darker shades.

One absolute must have for any Autumnal look is a darker lipstick – paired with a defined brow and flawless skin this look is an everyday go to that is perfect for the change of seasons and is a fun way of mixing up your make up look!

Whether you want to make a statement with a bold lipstick or fancy a more subtle shade of gloss, we at xtras have a fab range of colours to suit everyone!

Our favourite lip colours for this season are:

Rimmel Vinyl Max Shine Lip Gloss 8ml – Dare 501

Dare Autumn/Winter Lip Colour

Manhattan Lip Jelly Lip Gloss 6ml-610Z

Lip jelly Autumn/Winter Lip Colour



Laval Lipstick 20 Plum Wine

plum wine Autumn/Winter Lip Colour

Max Factor Colour Collection Lipstick – 853 Chilli


chilli Autumn/Winter Lip Colour


Astor Perfect Stay Lip Tint-106 Delicious Plum


lip tint Autumn/Winter Lip Colour


Let us know your favourite colours for Autumn/Winter 2014.

How to Sleep with Clip-in Hair Extensions

Hello Ladies!

Let’s be honest, we’ve all had a night out and when we’ve dragged ourselves home in high heels at 4o’clock in the morning, who has the energy to take off their makeup, let alone carefully un-clip their hair extensions and pack them away properly. Most likely, it’ll be a case of simply kicking off your heels and face planting into a pillow.

I’ll be the first to put my hand up guilty, of having done this on some particularly wilder nights out on the town. The problem with passing out with your beautiful added tresses, is that not only is this going to cause snarling where the clips are but probably yank at the delicate root area, as you toss and roll around in bed.

Well never fear ladies, I’m here to share with you a fail proof way of securing your hair extensions  in your hair, without the worry of causing a hot mess, if you happen to not be capable of taking them out before you slumber.


Picture 130 How to Sleep with Clip in Hair Extensions

After:Picture 212 How to Sleep with Clip in Hair Extensions

To start you will need:

  • Clip-in Hair Extensions (I’m using DIY Pink Lust Extensions)
  • Hair clip
  • Snag-free plastic elastics
  • Extensions friendly hair brush

Step 1

Before we do anything it is important to start as we mean to go on, so begin by brushing out your hair (the hair on your head, not your extensions) starting from the ends and working your way up. Now that you’re tangle-free, it’s a good idea to brush out your hair extensions too, again work from the ends, up.

Picture 3  How to Sleep with Clip in Hair Extensions

Step 2

To begin putting in your first clip-in weft, section your hair horizontally from the mid-point of your ears. Then clip away the rest of your hair, so that you’re left with the bottom section of hair. Take a clip-in weft that is of an appropriate weft width to your section and line up the weft with your section parting. The first weft I’m using here is a three clip sized weft, about 6 inches in width.

Picture 411 How to Sleep with Clip in Hair Extensions

Picture 512 How to Sleep with Clip in Hair Extensions

Step 3

Once you’ve lined up your track with the sectioning line and mimicked where the hair will be clipped in. Then feel for where the middle clip sits and hold a finger in that place and now take the hair extension away. Where your finger is positioned, take about an inch thick, small section of hair and smooth it with your hands. Divide this small section of hair into three parts and begin doing a relatively tight three strand braid (not extremely tight). You want to braid roughly just over an inch away from your scalp and then secure this in place with a snag-free plastic elastic (this type of hair elastic is pictured below).

Picture 6 1 How to Sleep with Clip in Hair Extensions

Picture 710 How to Sleep with Clip in Hair Extensions

Step 4

The next step is to bring back your weft and line it up again with your sectioning parting, this time though you already have a braid as a marker, where the middle clip is. So you probably guessed it, the next step is to feel for where one of the other clips on the weft sits against your head. Again, leave your finger in place, to measure accurately where the braid should be. So once you’ve taken away the hair extensions, repeat the same process of taking a small section of hair in the same spot as where the clip will sit and braid about an inch and a half away from your scalp and secure it with a small elastic

It’s now time to clip in your hair extensions, so snap open the clips and then sit the clips into the root area of the braids. It’s best to start with the middle clip first, so slide the clip into the base of the braid and then gently snap it shut. Following this, secure the other two clips onto the braids at the base.

Picture 89 How to Sleep with Clip in Hair Extensions

Step 5

When you’ve completed doing the other two braids, you’ll now have three braids that mirror where the clips of your extensions are going to be. Personally, I find braiding at the back of my own head quite awkward, so take your time with this and don’t get frustrated. You might have to start some braids again, but don’t worry practice makes perfect and it’s better to re-do, if they go wrong because ideally you want to create a good base for your extensions to sit on.

Picture 99 How to Sleep with Clip in Hair Extensions

Step 6

Now that you’ve completed putting in your first clip-in weft, take down your hair that you previously clipped out of the way. Draw your next section using your fingers, again running in a horizontal line. I took my second section about an inch over the top of my ears and then of course clipped the rest of my hair out of the way. I then repeated the measuring and braiding steps as before, and then finished by clipping my next weft onto the base of the braids (second weft being clipped in, pictured below).

Picture 10  How to Sleep with Clip in Hair Extensions

Step 7

I repeated these steps for a third weft at the back of my head, which I positioned below the crown of my head. For the sides of my hair, I used two wefts on each side (1X one-clip weft and 1X two-clip weft, on each side). It is important to leave ample amount of hairline space at the front because you don’t want to be able to see the hair extensions peeking through. I advise positioning your braid about 1-1½ inches away from your hairline to avoid any peekaboo hair extensions.

Picture 1111 How to Sleep with Clip in Hair Extensions

For the sides of my hair, I first used a one-clip piece and attached this about an inch above my ear. The second, two-clip weft sat just below the turning point of the side of my head. I’ve outlined my sectioning and application style as a guide but please tweak the positioning of your wefts accordingly, to suit your head shape, as well as accommodating for the clip-in extensions that you’re using.

Picture 1210 How to Sleep with Clip in Hair Extensions

End Result

And there you have it in a nut-shell; the braiding method of clipping in your hair extensions. This technique takes a lot longer than your traditional backcombing at the root and then clip-in application but is definitely more secure by a long shot!

Enjoy your fuller, longer locks and have fun dancing the night away ladies!

Picture 13  How to Sleep with Clip in Hair Extensions

Picture 14  How to Sleep with Clip in Hair Extensions

Picture 155 How to Sleep with Clip in Hair Extensions

A little bit more info…

You’ll find that this method of putting in your hair extensions is very secure and it also ensures that the hair extensions aren’t causing excessive tension or pull to your roots. I can’t stress enough how important it is that your hair isn’t under strain because of the weight or tension of hair extensions, or actually any kind of styling or hairdo. Over time this can undoubtedly do damage and in some cases irreversible baldness!

To avoid any kind of hair catastrophe, it’s best to apply your clip-in extensions with care and always making sure there’s a “base” for the clips to sit on. In this case our base is the braid, but otherwise it would be what I call a ‘backcomb cushion’. The difference of using the braiding method, is that the hair won’t slip or move around, which creates a more secure application. This also means that if we happen to sleep overnight with a full head of clip-ins, you don’t have to worry about causing a matted mess or pulling on the hair when you’re tucked up asleep.

I would just like to add a little disclaimer note, that I in no way advise that anybody sleeps with clip-in extensions on a regular basis but if you know that you’re probably not going to be able to take out your hair extensions or too tired to do so, then using the braiding method is going to safe guard your hair on these occasions.