Get the Look: Anne Hathaway

The gorgeous Anne Hathaway is currently winning every award under the sun for her portrayal of Fantine in Les Miserables.  Along with winning awards for her acting, here at the X-O Tower we’re also awarding her a style trophy, because, let’s face it, she’s looked fabulous for about five years now.  Totally rocking her ever-so-stylish pixie haircut, Ms. Hathaway has flawlessly graced about a trillion red carpets in the last couple of months.  The Hollywood starlet is a fan of the classic look and is a pro at balancing her makeup, knowing the right time to accentuate her eyes, or when to make her lips a feature.  She gets brownie points from us for always following the Top or Bottom rule, never wearing thick eye makeup with a standout lipstick.  She was looking particularly fabulous recently at the Golden Globes awards, check out our tips to copy her stunning style.

anne hathaway 225x300 Get the Look: Anne Hathaway

Anne looks fresh-faced with simple, blushed shades.  To get your skin looking this radiant try a simple matte foundation like the Revlon Colorstay Mineral Mousse which will leave your skin smooth and velvety.  Her foundation is a perfect match for her skin tone, just one of the reasons she looks so flawless.  For those of you who may have found it tricky in the past to match your foundation, test a little on the back of your hand, which is the closest skin tone match to your face.

Anne has then used a soft, rosy blush on her cheeks to create that warm, healthy glow.  Make sure you apply your blusher in a well lit room, you don’t want to end up like Bridget Jones at the Law Council Dinner!

bridger 300x263 Get the Look: Anne Hathaway

If you are using powder then lightly coat your blusher brush and gently tap to remove any excess.  When applying my blusher I usually suck my cheeks right in as this makes your cheek bones more prominent, meaning it’s easier to see where the blusher is meant to be applied.  From the inside of your cheekbone working out softly brush on the blusher, blending as you go.  Finally, use a finishing powder to set your make up.

Anne’s eyelashes always look absolutely lash-ious without looking too extreme.  These Active Glamour Eyelashes look very natural yet completely spectacular.  I tested them on a recent blog and loved what they looked like on.  Check it out here.  Anne tends to leave her lower lashes barer which really makes her eyes pop.  Try using just a single coat of mascara on your lower lashes, it really draws attention to how long and fluttering the upper eyelashes are.  We have a fabulous range of mascaras on the website.

Anne’s eyebrows are divinely defined and dead on trend.  Thicker eyebrows have become the must-have facial feature, add a little definition to yours with one of our eyebrow pencils, or this incredible W7 Brow Bar Stencil Kit which contains four different shades of powder and a range of stencils in various sizes.  I always feel that powder creates a more natural texture to the brow and perfectly groomed eyebrows make a world of difference.

Finally, Ms. Hathaway tends to finish with a dusty pink lipstick.  She opts for natural shades without shimmer, these fabulous UNE lippy’s would be right up her street!

This is definitely the look I plan on working for the foreseeable future, what’s your favourite Anne Hathaway look?

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