Manicure Friday!

It’s Manicure Friday in the X-O Tower (we like to make sure we’re ready for the weekend!).  While Kerry is ab fab at doing her nails like a pro, not all of us are blessed with her arty farty skills!  Personally, I can just about apply my nail varnish without getting it all over my hands, but this morning I’ve finally found something even I can do!

my nails 254x300 Manicure Friday!

nail close up 1024x813 Manicure Friday!

I’m really pleased with my nails, they only took 20 minutes and best of all they were easy to do!  So, for those of you who like me, are total beginners at nail art but want something a little special for the weekend, here’s how I did mine.

I started out with a clear base coat, it’s really important to wear a base coat to protect your nails and it also helps the nail varnish stay on for longer.  This Sally Hansen base coat is perfect as it dries very quickly so you can get started on what you actually want to do ASAP (I hate waiting around!!).  For the main colour I used Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail polish in 230 Nude Now.  This nail varnish is really popular at the minute as it’s a 5-in-1 formula which strengthens, grows, protects, nourishes and colours.  We’ve currently got it in loads of gorgeous colours, so if Nude Now isn’t for you, I can guarantee one of the other colours will be!

Once the main colour was dry I gently dabbed on some Maybelline MNY Nail Polish in 142a, working up from just above my cuticles to about a third of the way up the nail.  I was really impressed with this glittery nail varnish, it wasn’t watery at all and the glitter applies thickly.  It also has larger bits of sparkle in it, I was initially worried these wouldn’t come off the brush without a struggle as you often find this with glitter/sparkle nail varnish combinations, but the bits of sparkle came off easily and evenly!  Although one coat would have worked, I applied two as I wanted the sparkle to be extra noticeable!

I certainly feel ready for the weekend now, and hope this blog post has inspired some of you to jazz up your nails!  I’m very lucky because I’m allowed to do mine at work, but try and wait til you get home, I don’t  want to get anyone into trouble!

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